Bring New Life To Your Shoes - Come see Refreshed Shoe Cleaner in action for yourself. We'll be at the Los Angeles County Fair in hall 4, 6, and 8. Our friendly staff will show you first hand how Refreshed is the best and only shoe cleaner you'll ever need.
Step One: Cleanse


Our products cleanse and clean your shoes, ridding them of caked on debris and dirt. Together with our patented scrub brush, our all natural solution will magically eliminate signs of use, making your shoes sparkling fresh.

Step Two: Conceal


Once you've cleaned your shoes with our cleaning products, our concealer product helps hide deep abrasions and scratches. The self contained Touch-Up kit has an applicator sponge and a natural formula that will repair even the toughest of scratches.

Step Three: Coating


With your shoes now cleaned and conditioned, we provide a breakthrough formula to cover and coat your newly refreshed shoe surface. Our water and stain repellent goes on smoothly and dries to a negligible finish. The coating will help ensure any future moisture stays away, leaving your shoes clean and fresh.

Step Four: Condition


We also offer conditioning and speciality care items, including our leather care system. We realize not all shoes are equal, but not to worry - Refreshed has you covered. Use our leather kit on everything form car interior to high-end handbags. It's all natural and completely non toxic.